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Creates a new import process for the contacts listed in the xmlFeed.

  • idList: list identifier
  • listGuidlistGUID: GUID of the list
  • xmlDoc: an XML string containing the contacts to be imported (see paragraph "XML feed" below)
  • idGroups: group identifiers separated by comma (more than a group for each list is possible)
  • importType: import type (default value=3)
  • mobileInputType: mobile number input type ((see paragraph "XML feed" below)
    • 1= include international code
    • 2= international code and phone number in two different fields
  • asPending: If "true" it subscribes (or unsubscribes, if "asOptOut=true") also the recipients that were pending in specified MailUp list before import. Please note that the name of this parameter is misleading, see table in StartImportProcesses page for details (default value=false)
  • ConfirmEmail: If "true" sets subscription status of specified recipients as "pending" and sends them a confirmation email. Status change to "pending" and email sending applies to either brand new recipients or to recipients that were already subscribed or pending to the specified list before import. See table in StartImportProcesses page for details (default value=false)
  • asOptOut: Imports recipients as "unsubscribed" when set to "true", regardless if they were previously subscribed into specified MailUp list. If you want to cancel subscription (i.e. unsubscribe) also for the recipients that were previously pending, you should set both "asOptOut=true" and "asPending=true". See table in StartImportProcesses page for details (default value=false)
  • forceOptIn: If "true" itenables change of subscription status even if a recipient was "unsubscribed" before import. It can be used to force "subscribed" or "pending" status for previously unsubscribed recipients, please note that this status change does not apply when recipient was automatically unsubscribed due to hard bounce or complaints feedback loop. See table inStartImportProcesses page for details (default value=false)
  • replaceGroups: replaces groups (default value=false)
  • idConfirmNL: confirmation newsletter ID (default value=0, confirmation request created automatically)


The XML structure for importing subscribers is shown below:

Code Block
<subscriber email="" Prefix="+001" Number="8889624587" Name="">
<campo1>first name</campo1>
<campo2>last name</campo2>

Phone numbers can be specified in two ways:

  • Single field
Code Block
<subscriber email="" Prefix="" Number="+0018889624587" Name="">
  • Two fields
Code Block
<subscriber email="" Prefix="+001" Number="8889624587" Name="">

Ruby Example

Code Block
# Refer to for gem information.
require 'mailup'
m ='username', 'password', 'console_url')
m.new_import_process(:listID => 123456, :listGuidlistGUID => 123456, :xmlDoc => "XML_STRING", ...)
# => <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\" ?><mailupMessage><mailupBody><ReturnCode>17</ReturnCode></mailupBody></mailupMessage>