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This method creates a MailUp list


  • string CreateList(string accessKey, string name, string defaultSettings, bool copyTemplate, Option[] options)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • name: list name
    • defaultSettings: if set as "default" it uses the default settings for all the lists, if it is an ID it uses the default settings for the corresponding list
    • copyTemplate: if set as "true" it copies the default templates for the list
    • options: array of values for options setting
      • owneremail: sender email address
      • bouncedemail: address for error messages
      • description: list description
      • format: list format ("html", "text")
      • charset: text charset (see a list of /wiki/spaces/mailupapi/pages/36339743)
      • public: flag indicating if the list is visible in the frontend (if you set public=1 the created list will be available in http://consoleUrl/frontend/nl_catalog.aspx)
      • tracking: flag enabling the tracking of opens (1=enabled)
      • nl_sendername: email sender name (text string)
      • sms_sendername: sms sender name (text string)
      • optout_type: optout type (0: One-click unsubscribe, 1: , 2: )
      • sendemailoptout: flag indicating if an email is sent to unsubscribers
      • notifyemail: email address for unsubscribe notifications. Each time a recipient unsubscribes, an email will be sent to this address.
      • frontendform: flag that allows to view the subscription forms in the frontend
      • disclaimer: heading added to the messages in the list
      • headerxabuse: heading added to the messages in the list
      • kbmax: message size beyond which a warning is generated
      • headerreplytoreplyto: email address for replies to the newsletter
      • displayas: name displayed in the "To:" field of the incoming newsletters (campo1,campo2, etc.)
      • headerlistunsubscriber: heading added to the messages in the list
      • multipart_text: flag to automatically generate a text version of the message at sending stage
      • conversionlab_trackcode: code for tracking via conversionlab
      • default_prefix: default international prefix for mobile numbers
      • multi_optout_list: detail of the lists which will be viewed by the user in case of multiple optout (e.g. 1,2,3 etc.)
      • subscribedemail: flag to send an email to new subscribers
      • sendconfirmsms: flag to send a text message to new subscribers
      • senderfaxname: fax sender name
      • senderfax: fax sender number
      • senderfirstname: regular mail sender name
      • senderlastname: regular mail sender surname
      • sendercompanyname: regular mail sender company
      • senderaddress: regular mail sender address
      • senderpostalcode: regular mail sender zipcode
      • sendercity: regular mail sender city
      • senderprovince: regular mail sender province
      • senderstate: regular mail sender state