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Codes Table

In this documentation we sometimes refer to the "Codes Table": it provides a list of IDs that are needed in several API calls:


The Codes Table can be accessed in your MailUp admin console by navigating to Settings > Advanced settings > Developer's corner > Codes Table. Here is an example on of the section that describes the personal data fields.

Due to a technical restriction, in the API calls you have to use the Italian prefix "campo" instead of "field" (i.e. use "campo1", not "field1"). "Campo" means "field" in Italian.

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Some IP calls require the List GUID. You can locate it by navigating to the Settings > Advanced settings > Developer's corner > Codes table page in your MailUp admin console.

Here is an example of how this page looks like.

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Personal data fields


  • the recipient fields that you may have configured in your account, 
  • the mandatory sender information that you should have set with the onboarding wizard or when configuring a new MailUp list,
  • a set of system-defined, built-in dynamic fields (see table below)


Merge tabDescription
[email]The recipient's email address
[prefix]The recipient's phone number's international prefix
[number]The recipient's mobile phone number
[idu]MailUp-defined unique identifier for that recipient
[_idoptin] Same as above
[_hash]MailUp internal GUID for that specific recipient
[_idnl]Message ID
[_subemail]Email recipient's subscription date
[_subsms]SMS recipient's subscription date
[_ip_req_sub]The IP address recorded for the subscription request
[_ip_conf_sub]The IP address recorded for the subscription confirmation request
[_currentday]Integer for the current day (e.g. 22).
[_currentdayname] String for current day* (e.g. Wednesday)
[_currentmonth]Integer for current month (e.g. 4)
[_currentmonthname]String for current month* (e.g. April)
[_currentyear]Integer for the current year (e.g. 2017)
[_idlist]List-ID (e.g. 1)

*This text string is displayed in your admin account's language (e.g. "Mercoledì" instead of "Wednesday" for the accounts in Italian)