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Once in the Agency Panel, the panel will show a list of tabs. Once you click on the View Accounts tab, you will see the following fields for each account.

Image RemovedImage Added


Image Removed, if present the MailUp logo is shownPlatform speed
Ver.Console version

If checked with , this is a trial account

Res. Agency Account,  client account, sub-reseller account
Supp.Type of support Image Removed email, Image Removed none, Image Removed  email + phone support
LogoStatusThis column highlights if there any current issues with the customer that are blocking platform usage.
RenewalSubscription renewal date/expiration date
SpeedPlatform speed, expressed in KB/s or Msgs/h, depending on contract type (bandwidth or frequency)
Renewal amountNext billing amount
Last loginDate of last login inside MailUp control panelKb/s


You may also choose to export your list of accounts in CSV or XLS format using the buttons below accounts' list. Please note that CSV is comma separated.

Managing Accounts from the Agency Panel