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  • Sending later: 2 kinds of mailings may be found here.
    • Scheduled: mailings that are scheduled to move in the "Sending now" section at a specific date and time. Actions available are "Schedule", to edit scheduling, and "Stop", to put the mailing in standby.
    • Sequential: mailings that are scheduled to move in the "Sending now" section as soon as no other mailing scheduled as sequential is in the "Sending now" section. Actions available are "Move Up" and/or "Move down", plus "Stop"
  • Standing by: messages that have been "parked" by the user in the final step of the sending wizard by clicking "Put in standby". These mailings need an action from the user to be sent immediately or scheduled. Other messages that will appear in this area are the ones stopped by the user in "Send Status" or aborted by exiting step 3 of the sending wizard without taking any action. Other actions available are "Preview mailing", "Check up", "Edit" and "Delete".


Limitations to accessing mailing queue and stopping a campaign


The number of customers that we serve and the overall volume of messages they send continue to grow. As a result, we developed a more scalable and higher performing email sending engine. Unfortunately, there is a technical trade-off between - on one side - scability and performance and - on the other side - granular access to the email sending queue. This trade-off is frequent in our industry: many ESPs provide no access to the sending queue.

Our email sending engine allows partial control: the portion of a mailing that has not yet been handed off to the sending engine can be stopped.The portion depends on the size of the mailing, your contracted sending speed, and the amount of time that has passed since the beginning of the mailing.