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titleWhy use Dynamic Content?

Without having to create multiple versions of your email, you can work on one email with different sections.

Example: You have an e-commerce store that sells shoes for men and women. Every time a customer registers to your store, you send* a "thank you" email containing a large image. Through dynamic content and filters**, you can specify that depending on the gender (male or female) of the customer, a different image (eg. high-heels for women, boots for men) will appear in your thank you email.

*The task of sending a "thank you" email can be automated by setting up a triggered email. To learn more about triggered emails, view this page.

**Filters allow you to segment recipients based on information available (i.e. data fields) in your List. For example, if you don't know the gender of your recipients, you cannot apply a gender filter which sets the condition to show a different image in your email. To learn about filters, view this page.   


To add Dynamic Content to a message, select Messages > Email Marketing+ > Dynamic content and click on New.