Send status

The Send status page allows you to view the sending status of your mailings, which can be in the current, scheduled, or inactive sections. There is no limit to how many emails can be in any given section.

After the email campaign has been scheduled (or setup to be sent immediately), the user can navigate to any other page and even log-out. The system will perform the sending task.

To reschedule (or altogether delete) a mailing, view this section.

Current Mailings

The Current mailings section allows you to see which email messages are currently being sent. This includes the estimated send time and the sending progress for the email campaign. There is no limit to how many emails can be in this section. Each email is sent based on its order in the queue. It follows that emails in the top of the queue will be sent before those emails at the bottom.

At any time if you decide to stop the sending process of an email, you can click on the red Cancel button. Once stopped, you can view the remaining recipients who haven't yet received your email. 

Scheduled Mailings

In the Scheduled mailing section, you can set the schedule (i.e. date & hour, and time zine) for when your email will be sent. You can also view how to schedule a mailing for different time zones.

You can schedule as many emails as you want. The emails will appear in the scheduled queue.

How to Reschedule a Mailing

On the Actions drop-down menu, you can reschedule the time and date of your email by clicking on Set Schedule. By clicking on Cancel, you can altogether delete the scheduled mailing without deleting the actual email.  

In order to be able to click on Cancel, there must be no mailings being sent. If you click on Actions while a message is being sent, you will not see this option. If you want to remove a scheduled mailing while the system is sending a message, you will need to stop the current mailing and restart it after performing the operation.

Inactive Mailings

The Inactive mailings refers to mailings that are not in either the current mailings or scheduled mailings sections. In most cases, you can ignore this section or clean it up by deleting any emails.