About using invisible tables to layout a HTML email message

Although a deprecated layout technique when designing a Web page, HTML tables are still the best tool to layout an html newsletter, when dealing with text, images, or both.

To create a table click on "Insert Table" in the message editor. Tables can be visible or invisible. When invisible (i.e. border=0), they can be used to create complex layouts. If the border is zero, and thus invisible, you can view it by  pressing the button "Show/Hide Border" at the bottom of the message editor.

Once you have created the table, you can set several parameters, such as width and height of the cells,   or text alignment.  

You can modify the table dimension by simply selecting it  and moving the borders. You have two ways to change the table properties: you can   use  the properties window that opens at the bottom when the table is selected, or just select the table, press the right button on your mouse, and click on "Set table properties".

For more information on message layout, please see:

If you need more assistance creating an HTML email message, you have the option of prepaying for a set of hours  that can be used to have your existing message reviewed and fine-tuned (or a brand-new one created). For more information on these services, please see: