Images are properly displayed in the editor, but not in the recipient's mailbox

If recipients cannot view the images properly, this may be due to several causes:

  • The images are not hosted on a web server or within the storage space in the administration console. Make sure the images have an absolue path, or just copy and paste them from a web page to the editor: doing this, they will automatically have an absolute path. If they use a relative path (relative to a location on your computer, e.g. "c:\myimages\..."), you will see them, but nobody else will.
  • The image file names contain special characters or accents. Some email client might not interpret those characters correctly, and so they might not be able to retrieve the images .
  • The images were not correctly saved. Make sure you saved the images in an accepted format, e.g. GIF, JPG, or PNG. It might also happen that an image has been edited using an advanced editor: in this case there might be some color settings (e.g. CMYK) that are not compatible with all email clients. Another possibility is that the images may have been edited with Photoshop and then saved in .JPG format with compression parameter = 0. If this is the case, save them with compression > 0.

See also: I have uploaded an HTML file, but I cannot see the images.