Sending a message with embedded images does not work

If the message with embedded images has not been created correctly, two things might happen:

1) the message size becomes zero kb;
2) the system cannot send it;

This happens when there is at least one image the system failed to "embed". Typically, this happens when the system cannot not find the image.

Sometimes this is easy to see (e.g. there is a white box with a red X), other times less so. For example, when the image is used as the background for a table, a cell, or within CSS code.

To find out what the problem might be, a good practice is to analyze the HTML code looking for all the images (e.g. search for "src ="), and ensure that all of them use an absolute path to the file (full URL to the file), rather than a relative path (e.g. "../images/myImage.gif").

If you still cannot find the issue, try disabling embedded images.

Also note that there are some other drawbacks to sending messages with embedded images, which is why we do not recommend that you do so, unless absolutely necessary.

To disable this option, open the message editing page, and click on "Show advanced options" (lower part of the message editor), then deselect "Embed images".