When my message arrives in the recipient's mailbox, the layout is different

A message often appears different in an email client than it does in a Web browser. There are many reasons for this, from the handling of incorrect HTML tags (a browser may suppress coding mistakes that an email client is not able to ignore) to lack of support for cascading style sheets.

For a comprehensive guide on how to write a good HTML message, please see:

Please note that our standard support does not include assistance or training with writing or proofing the HTML used in your messages. However, we do offer these services for a fee. For example, you could have an email template custom made by our professional designers, or prepay for a set of hours  that can be used to have your existing message reviewed and fine-tuned. For more information on these services, please see:

A related service is Email Analysis, which allows you to preview the way your message appears on several email clients - including popular clients for mobile devices like iPhone, Android and iPad - before you send it. For more information, please see: http://www.mailup.com/p/pc/analysis-optimization-email-message-p249.htm