SMTP Message Configuration

About configuring SMTP+ messages

In this section you can enable/disable some parameters that apply to all SMTP+ messages in the list:

  • Message header: enables or disables a header that will be added to all the SMTP+ messages in the list
  • Message footer: enables or disables a footer that will be added to all the SMTP+ messages in the list
  • Set as default settings: if enabled, this feature uses the settings for this list as default settings when creating a new list
  • Open tracking: enables/disables open tracking. Opens are tracked when the user views the message, giving you a real-time statistical tool.
  • Click tracking: enables/disables link tracking, i.e. the tracking of whether the recipients click on the link in the message or not.
  • Unsubscribe settings: allows you to go straight to the page in which you edit the unsubscription options, i.e. you choose the method recipients will use to unsubscribe from your newsletters.


SMTP+ options apply to all SMTP+ users and are list-specific. If you have within your team different users that work within different lists, you will need to create a SMTP+ user for each list

Using a reply-to address different from the sender address

The use, inside the header of messages sent with SMTP+, of a reply-to address different from the FROM email address must be enabled by MailUp. If you need this, please contact our support team by writing an email to


Custom configurations for developers

If you are using SMTP+ from an application, please see: Using SMTP relay from your application

There you will find sample code and other technical references for taking full advantage of SMTP+ from within your application.