MailUp for Agencies

We offer these benefits to MailUp agencies:

  • 30% discount on all email services purchased for your clients and 5% on SMS pre-paid credits. The discounts are automatically applied when you place an order for your client within the Agency Panel. (If you choose not to use the client management system, we offer you a discount code before payment.)
  • Access to a MailUp Agency Panel: a client management system to help manage your clients under one roof. Here, you can request free trials, manage subscriptions etc.

How to get started as an Agency

  1. Agency Approval: Email us at and request pre-approval. You must provide proof of status with all of the following:
    1. agency name, Agency URL, company email (not Gmail, yahoo, etc.), company telephone
    2. full billing address with ZIP code (if this is not a physical address, please provide that as well.)
    3. list of at least 2 client names, URLs, and physical addresses
  2. You will need to buy a MailUp Pro edition for your agency
  3. MailUp will set up an Agency Panel to help you manage your clients
  4. To be fully qualified as a MailUp agency, at least one client must pass our customer approval process and upgrade to a paid account.

Client management

You will have two options to manage clients:

  1. Create a separate MailUp account for each client, managing them via the Agency Panel. You will be able to access each client's MailUp console with one click (e.g. to assist a client or execute a campaign on their behalf), upgrade/downgrade their service, and set up free trials for new clients.

  2. Host multiple clients within the same MailUp account, assigning a different List to each client. Each MailUp account supports multiple Lists, and each List is a separate environment with separate admin settings, reports, recipients, messages, etc. The benefit here is that there is just one monthly fee shared among your clients. The drawback is that the send queue is shared among the different Lists on the account, which is why this setup is only advisable for smaller clients. In addition, recipient fields (custom fields in the recipient database) are shared across all Lists. Note: if you want the Account to be white labeled, you must request the free trial from within the Agency Panel.

Pricing: Flat monthly fee

Pricing is a flat monthly fee based on the speed of delivery: Pay per Speed. You can choose any speed of delivery (in hours). You can then add options like No Logo or Delivery+.

For customers with more than 50k recipients, there is no onboarding fee, however, the purchase of Delivery+ is highly recommended. (This feature may be required for any size list as dictated by our Deliverability Team during the approval process). A ramp-up period may be required.

Upgrade a trial account to paid account and buy SMS credits

All platforms purchased from an Agency will be available immediately, except if the agency has stipulated its contract with MailUp less than six months prior to the purchase. In this case, client approval is mandatory.

Please note that, at this moment, all purchases of email plans must go through the creation of a trial account and its upgrade (it is not possible to buy a plan from scratch).

SMS credits purchases are immediately available as well, except these cases:

  • All purchases above 10,000 credits.
  • If the purchase happens less than 24 hours after your last credits purchase.

If you happen to be in one of the situations described above, please contact your sales consultant to start the approval process.

Agency Panel

The MailUp Agency Panel is a client management tool to help an Agency manage their clients within one platform: access individual consoles, manage payments, set up free trials and access resources.

To access your Agency Panel, our team will have sent you an approval email with the URL and your login info: (save this as a bookmark!)

The email you provided to setup your Agency Panel will act as your username.

Once in the Panel you should see a set of navigation tabs:

To get complete documentation about the Agency Panel, see the resources below.

Other useful resources: