Workflow optional settings

These optional settings allow to:

  • further segment recipients that you want to involve in the workflow;
  • choose a sending time for workflow messages
  • set date and hour restrictions for the mailings

Choose segmentation conditions

  • Include groups: choose whether to target the workflow only to one or more list groups.
  • Exclude groups: exclude one or more groups from the workflow.
  • Apply filters: involve in the workflow only recipients matching one or more filters

Set sending time

  • As soon as possible: it's the default choice. Messages in the workflow are sent out as soon as the start condition and the waiting conditions are verified.
  • Send every message at: send all messages in the workflow at a specified time. This option is not available if the start or waiting conditions are expressed in hours.
  • Not between: set a blackout timeframe, during which no messages will be sent.

Set limitations

  • Active from ... to ... : keep the workflow active only during a certain period of time.
  • Except: choose blackout dates in which no messages will be sent. You can also set to avoid mailings during the weekend.