Advanced options

The Advanced section on the Import page is a crucial step in the import process. It ensures your file is read properly upon import and allows you to choose the subscription preference.

After uploading your file on the import page you are taken to the second stage of the import process. Go to the Advanced drop-down and select from the various options:

Reading and data management options

The process of importing can also be used as a way to update your mailing list. In most cases, you re-import your mailing list with updated recipient fields (i.e. new collected information).

Sometimes, however, you want to keep certain recipient fields empty, and do not want the import to overwrite it. Only in this case, check the box. 

Phone number format

The default option is that country code and phone number are stored in one recipient field. However, you can also choose to separate the country code and phone number into two recipient fields for better segmentation.

Subscription status and group assignment options

Replace current group assignment(s)

Selecting this advanced option means that the imported recipients will be assigned to the group selected at the top of the screen and will be removed from previously assigned groups.

Import as Pending and send confirmation request email

The option to Import as Pending and send confirmation request email allows you to import recipients as Pending. Once you send out the confirmation request email (see section below), those recipients who chose to subscribe to your email communications will become Subscribed. This option overwrites any previously recorded subscription status (Subscribed or Unsubscribed).

Import as Pending Guide

Go to the step-by-step guide on How to Send a Subscription Confirmation Request.