Personalization engine

Feature available on-demand, get in contact with your sales representative to know more.

The Personalization Engine is a feature that allows empowering emails by injecting in real-time external and personalized content, using Liquid markup language.

Thanks to the Personalization engine, you can:

  • simplify message building when the content is mostly available outside MailUp (i.e. external website or a blog);
  • retrieve content in real-time, just before sending;
  • personalize the content of your email, split into segments or recipients;
  • have access to unlimited fields;
  • reduce time spent and errors due to content duplication.

How it works

Set up the service in MailUp

The service needs to be built on the client's platform. This service has to be a public URL that accepts a unique user ID as a parameter (e.g. the email, the customer ID).

Once the external service has been created, you have to add the parameters in MailUp by creating one or more Endpoints.

From the left navigation menu, select Settings > Advanced settings > Advanced personalization and then select "NEW ENDPOINT" on the top right.

Here's how to reference your service in MailUp:

  • Endpoint name*: Name of the service that, when called, will return a dataset containing user-specific information
  • Endpoint Url*: web service Url created on your platform in the previous step
  • Authorization: enabling the authorization in the endpoint requires a username and password
  • Custom HTTP headers: here you can add additional info, retrieving them directly from your server
  • New parameter: add in this section all the parameters that are given to the endpoint (e.g. email, customer ID, abandoned cart date, etc.)

Select "TEST IT" to see a JSON preview.

Create a message

You are now ready to create a message. The template can be built using HTML or the Drag&Drop editor, and it must have one or more HTML blocks containing the Liquid markup language.

Go to this link to know more about Liquid markup language

If you cannot manage to implement it on your own, the MailUp team can help you.


Once the message is finalized, you have to associate the endpoint created during step 2 on the MailUp platform.

In the message Overview page, select "Advanced settings" > "Enable advanced personalization" and then add one or more Endpoints.

Just before sending the email, MailUp queries the predefined endpoint for each campaign’s recipient. The returned values will replace the tags built with Liquid markup.

The Personalization engine can be used in various scenarios. Here are the most common:

  • Recommended products

E.g. A Real Estate agency may need to send weekly emails to its clients containing all new ads in the area of each client.

  • Abandoned Cart

E.g. An eCommerce can set a follow-up communication the day after not having completed the order, containing all or some articles in the cart.

  • Real-time segmentation

For E.g. A company operating in the mass market retailers sector using Advanced Personalization can send coupons localized by geographic area.