Unsubscribed and Unsubscribe type

Unsubscribers are email addresses that will not receive newsletters even if they are selected when setting up an email campaign or automatic sending.

The reasons for unsubscribing can be voluntary (e.g. click on the unsubscribe link), or for reasons of managing the subscriber database (both by the account administrator and by the platform).

Unsubscribe type


Error code (visible in recipient export files)

Admin actionUnsubscribed by the administrator by changing the recipient status0 or 01
From importUnsubscribed during the import process, by selecting the advanced option Import as unsubscribed (opted out).4/42 or 41
Due to right to be forgottenUnsubscribed by the administrator after that the user has exercised the right to unsubscribe with the right to be forgotten and subsequently erasure of personal data collected.1024
From message (unsubscribe link)Unsubscribed by the user by clicking on the unsubscription link included in your message.2/20/21/22
From mail client: link (recipient action)
Recipients unsubscribed through a unsubscribe button in the webmail client (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail etc.).32/321
From mail client: mailto (recipient action)
Recipients unsubscribed by sending an email to their ISP/webmail provider.64/640/641/642
Due to SPAM complaintRecipients clicking the "spam" button in the webmail client (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail etc.).16/161/162
Due to inactive recipientUsers who have not performed any activity in the latest period. More info128
Due to wrong emailAutomatic unsubscription due to incorrect email. More info8 or 80
Due to wrong email (incorrect syntax)Email addresses with syntax errors (e.g. without a "@")81
Due to wrong email (domain no longer exist)Email related to a no longer existing domain82
Due to wrong email (box abandoned)Email address that was abandoned by the user. More info83
Due to blocked emailEmail blocked. More info256
Due to blocked email (destination MTA block)Email blocked due to known spammer. More info2561
Due to blocked email (spam content)Email blocked due to spam content detected. More info2562
Due to blocked email (destination MTA configuration problems)Email blocked due to recipient configuration error. More info2563

Due to repeated bounces

Email automatically unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info512
Due to repeated bounces (temporary unsubscribe)Email temporarily unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info5121
Due to repeated bounces (permanent unsubscribe)Email permanently unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info5122