You can use MailUp as a messaging platform for sending out text messages. Features include: message delivery date/time stamp, detailed delivery errors (if any), statistics, automation and more.

Creating a text message

  • 160 characters (up to 1530 characters in most of the countries with 10 concatenated messages)
  • You can use dynamic fields to personalize the message. For example: « Dear [name], check out our new…» with default values that are used when the dynamic fields are empty in the database.
  • Multiple charset support, including Chinese and Cyrillic.

Sending a text message

  • Messages get there fast (low latency), even if the recipient's number has been transferred to a new carrier (direct connection to the MSC - Mobile Switching Center);
  • Sender can change with each campaign (text and number): this only applies in some countries.
  • You can send messages in over 200 countries: different settings and features may apply depending on the destination country;
  • View the send queue's status in real time;
  • Pause the campaign, edit the message, and resume with the edited message (if needed).

Automated and scheduled 

  • Create automatic, event-based messages (e.g. text message on customer's birthday, or when an insurance policy is about to expire);
  • Schedule different campaigns, of different messages, on different dates/times.

Other features

  • Reports: detailed campaign report: delivery report for each successful text message, with date/time stamp; indication of which messages were not delivered and why; aggregate statistics on all text messaging campaigns run over time.
  • Privacy: run campaigns that are fully compliant with privacy regulations, with full confidence that any data loaded into the system will never be used for any other purpose.
  • Reselling: the platform can be whitelabeled. Buy one only credits package and allocate credits to multiple clients.

Getting Set up

If you wish to use MailUp as an international platform:

1) You must agree to MailUp,Inc.'s Terms and Conditions of Use, even if operating outside the US. At the same time, you must be sure to read and comply with any country's own SMS policies.

2) Purchases are in US Dollars only. To purchase in Euros, you must contact 

More details on sending SMS globally.