The Check page allows you to check if your email message is well structured and will therefore have a good chance of reaching its destination.

You can checkup an email:

  1. from the overview page, by clicking on the "Check" tab or, in the event of problems, on the counter in the message's Check-up box
  2. From the contextual menu in the message preview window.

About the "Checkup" page

This page provides an overview of the health of the message, divided by severity (serious, potential problems, improvements) with useful information such as:

  • Are the inserted links in a blacklist?
  • Is link tracking enabled?
  • Is there an unsubscribe link?
  • Does the message weigh too much and exceed the maximum dimensions?
  • Are the dynamic fields activated and entered correctly?
  • Has the summary been added?
  • Is there a web analytics tracking code?
  • Has the tracking domain been customized?

With the other sections of the Checkup tool, you can:

  • check the integrity and reputation of links with Link Analysis;
  • check for features that could cause your email to be classified as spam with the Spam Checker;
  • check the correctness of the HTML code with the Code Review (check not available for messages created with the BEE editor)

After completing the analysis you can choose whether to edit or send your email.