Tasks list

In the Automation > Task path you will find the list of automatic messages you have created.

If the switch in correspondence of a sending is OFF, the automatic sending is disabled, vice versa the automatism is enabled.

For each Task, by clicking on the Actions button you can perform a series of configurations:

  • Edit: edit all the settings of the Task;
  • Create a copy: create an identical copy of the Task (useful for quickly creating a set of Tasks that share the same settings);
  • Simulate: run a simulation to check how many recipients the Task would reach (this function will not send anything to the recipients);
  • Statistics: check the statistics of the sending of an automatic message;

  • Delete: remove a Task from the list of those available (this operation is irreversible);

By clicking on the + button next to the "SEARCH" button you can do an advanced search within your Tasks by specifying at least one of the available criteria.

  • Name or description of the Task
  • Tag
  • Status (enabled/disabled)
  • Type of selected action (email/sms/groups)

After defining the criteria, click on "Search" to perform the search. If, after doing a search, you want to go back to seeing the complete list of Tasks, click on "RESTORE".