How can I test that links are working properly?

Version 5.5 and above
All links - when link tracking is on - are automatically updated by the system with the required tracking code. To check that they are working correctly, open the message in preview mode (Email -> Saved, then click on the object of the message) or send it to yourself.

Note that some links may contain special characters (e.g. #) that may be recognized by the browser, but not by the tracking service. In that scenario, a link may not work properly. Should this happen, please submit a support ticket. 

 Version prior to 5.5
When testing a message, do not use the "Fast send" option, but rather send the message to a test group. Otherwise, tracked links will not work.

You can also use the "Email Check" feature (Email -> Saved, the icon is on the right part of the screen), which allows you to check all links automatically.