How do I know if dynamic fields are correct?

To check the accuracy of any dynamic fields used in your message, first try the "EMail CheckUp" feature (Email -> Saved, the icon is on the right part of the screen).

, once the messages have been queued, you can use the "CHECK DYNAMIC FIELDS" option (Email -> Queue -> Show Options), which creates an Excel spreadsheet with a preview of all the dynamic fields. This allows you to check if they are misaligned, empty or contain errors.

You can also send a test to a few test accounts, testing both with accounts that contain values for the fields used in the body of the message, and accounts that don't.

To avoid problems with blank fields (e.g. the customer's name is missing in the contacts database), we strongly recommend that you fill in a DEFAULT value for each dynamic field. This way if a field is empty, the system will insert a default, generic word in its place. For example:

  • Message contains: "Dear [name],"
  • There is no name for one of the contacts
  • The default value "customer" is used for the [name] field
  • When creating the message, the system will say: "Dear customer,"

These steps are highly recommended every time you send messages containing dynamic fields