How to publish messages to the public archive

In order to   publish a public archive of messages, the first thing you have to do is enable the List(s) that the messages belong to as public, otherwise the corresponding pages will always be empty. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Edit lists;
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit a specific list;
  • Click on "Show advanced options";
  • Check the box  "Publish messages to online archive";
  • Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page to save the updated List settings.

To publish a specific to the public archive:

  • Go to Email-> Saved;
  • Check the box left of the messages you want to publish;
  • Click on "Archive and Publish" at the bottom of the page.

Please note that if you choose to archive a message, you will lose all the related statistics         . If you want to have access to the message statistics, create a copy of the message by clicking on the "Create a copy" icon next to the message name and archive the copy of the message, instead of the original message.

Also note that clicking on "archive and public"  publishes newsletters automatically, while using the "Archive" button allows you to archive the message, without necessarily publishing it for public view.

Click on "View archived messages " (  Settings -> Edit Lists ->   Show advanced options) if you want to view the page that displays the archived messages. Copy the URL shown in the browser address field and use it to link to this page from your Web site, for example.

You can view archived newsletters for each  list at the address:

     http://[console domain]/frontend/newsletters.aspx?idlist=[idlist]&hashlista=[GUID code of the list] 

To view archived newsletters for all lists go to :

     http://[console domain]/frontend/nl_catalog.aspx

To view "idlist" and "GUID" parameters, go to  Settings-> Edit Lists.