In the Recipients > Email page you have access to all the recipients imported on the current list (work environment), from here you can search, consult and modify the contacts.

The list can be filtered by

The table with the list of recipients shows various information about the recipient (such as contact addition date, subscription status by channel, personal data fields, etc.) which you can choose to show or not via the "Set columns" link.

Search among your recipients

To search for recipients you have a simple field where you can enter a key contact (email, a telephone number or an international prefix) or part of it, or some filters to search based on:

  • Membership of a group. To search for those who are not included in any group, use the “Belongs to group” option and select the “Recipients without group” option.

  • Filters already created

  • Value present in a recipient field

  • Registration date, registration request and unsubscription

  • Reason for unsubscription

  • Massage from which he unsubscribed


Can't find a contact?

You may be looking for it in the wrong list. Go to the Settings > Account settings > Global search page and repeat the search for the contact email or phone number.
You may not be able to access this menu item because the administrator has not granted you permissions or you have no other lists to manage.

Edit recipients

You have a series of actions that can be done in a massive or punctual manner for each recipient. On both occasions, using the search and the status field will allow you to work on a list already filtered and suited to your needs.

Massive operations

“Action” button

For massive operations you can use the "Actions" button for which all the recipients will be subject to the operation, or use the checkbox in the table header to select all or all the visible recipients, or a series of recipients that you choose promptly with the checkboxes.

From the actions menu you can:

  • Unsubscribe (in this case the reason for unsubscribing will be "from admin") and, in the case of a single selection, respect the right to be forgotten which simultaneously deletes all the data collected

  • Add to a group and simultaneously remove them from the current group they belong to

  • Remove from group and at the same time add them to another group

  • Export recipients and all related data


“Create a Segment” button

With the "Create Segment" button, you can divide into small sub-groups the recipients for whom you have applied a search in the recipient list into small sub-groups. This way, you can get better results for your campaigns.

This feature is particularly useful for segmenting inactive recipients, which you can easily identify with Engagement Filters, and sending targeted Re-engagement/Win-back campaigns to small groups of inactive recipients.

Single operation

In addition to massive operations, for the individual recipient you can access their card to:

  • modify the personal data in recipient fields

  • change the groups their belong to

  • consult the email and SMS activities

  • with the options label, you can view the configured unsubscribe options and turn on/off the tracking for the recipient

From the actions menu you can:

  • Access the edit and full profile pages

  • Delete or unsubscribe the contact

  • View Statistics: you will be directed to the Trend, Click Detail, and Error pages. By clicking on the Trend label, you will see a graph of the recipient's latest actions on the email channel and the table with the last messages sent.