MailUp for Salesforce

Aug 23, 2023 The MailUp for Salesforce connector for MailUp is no longer available


Using MailUp for Salesforce, the connector that links your Salesforce and MailUp account, you can ensure a high level of deliverability for your Salesforce Campaigns, leverage MailUp's message editing tools, and easily import campaign statistics back into Salesforce.

Install the MailUp for Salesforce connector, and you will be able to easily send professionally designed email campaigns to your contacts and retrieve campaign statistics back into your Salesforce organization.

Features summary  

The MailUp for Salesforce connector includes the following features:

  • Create a new campaign in Salesforce and "push" the members to a new Group in MailUp with one click

  • Create a message linked to the Salesforce campaign, and edit it in MailUp using professional email message editing and testing tools (e.g. dynamic content, spam check, preview in multiple email clients, etc.)

  • Check campaign results directly from Salesforce, in a pop-up window that displays data coming from MailUp: Opens, Unique Opens, Clicks and Bounces

  • Import more detailed campaign statistics into Salesforce and display them both at campaign and campaign member level

How to Install, Manage campaign recipients and Create Messages

Latest version and changes

Version 2.3 - May 2018 Install >

  • Improved performances

  • Improved authentication method

  • New setting: extend scheduled statistics retrieval from Mailup up to 120 days

Version 1.72 - Apr 2015

  • Added multi list population in campaign

  • Resolved "Uncommitted work pending" message

Version 1.7 - Oct 2014

  • Field mapping validation to avoid mapping errors

Version 1.24 - May 2014

  • Ability to import Groups from MailUp into Salesforce

  • Data sync: If the contact already exists in Salesforce, data in mapped fields will be updated.

  • Ability to set feature access permissions at the user level

Version 1.23 - July 2013

  • Ability to schedule a daily call to MailUp to retrieve statistics from sent messages (you can schedule it in your configuration tab)

  • Email Opt-out field populated in Salesforce when a contact or lead unsubscribes in your MailUp account

  • Fix of a bug related to the View report button not showing the correct page

Salesforce version requirements

The connector can be used with the following Salesforce editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, Developer.