Method parameters

This method was created as an alternative to the SendSingleSMS method with the option type=TEXT, as SendSingleSMS creates a new message for each call and allocates it in the database (an intensive usage of SendSingleSMS leads to a database overload).

Use SendDirectSMS when you have to send thousands of text messages each day and you need a deep customization of each message (i.e. placeholders of personal data fields are not enough for your needs).

  • string SendDirectSMS(string accessKey, int listID, string content, string numero, Option[] options)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • listID: list identifier. Lists and corresponding IDs can be obtained calling the GetLists Method
    • content: message text source
    • numero: recipient's number. Use international prefix (either with 00 or +), otherwise default list prefix will be applied
    • options: an array of key/value pairs for options setting. Only the following options are available for this method:
      • from: sender of the text message (note: restrictions may apply in some countries and the sender may be overwritten, please contact us for country specific information)
      • isUnicode: boolean value indicating whether to use Western alphabets only (0 means "false"), or Eastern alphabets as well, such as Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and so on (1 means "true").
      • MessageId: the ID of the message used to store statistical data

Statistical data about this message will be stored in the message "Default N" (where "N" indicates the list identifier) or in the message identified by MessageId if declared in the Options.


If error code=0, the call to the method was successful and the method returns the details of the sending

SOAP Examples

SOAP request
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ws="">
         <!--Use accessKey value that is returned by LoginFromId method-->
         <ws:content>this is message text</ws:content>
         <!-- "numero" is recipient's number. Use international prefix (either with 00 or +), otherwise default list prefix will be applied -->
                <!-- Sender can be a number (with international prefix) or a string (up to 11 characters) -->
                <!-- Unicode messages have a length of 70 chars instead of 160. -->
                <!--Concatenation of text messages exceeding length specified above is automatically either for Unicode or not Unicode messages-->
                <!-- up to 3 messages can be concatenated -->
SOAP response
  <errorDescription>Message sent +18889624587</errorDescription>