WS_MailUpImport.GetNlListsUser method


GetNlListsUser(int userId)

Returns a message containing the available lists and groups for a certain user, identified by an input parameter. (e.g. three lists: "Technical Support Subscribers", "Company News Subscribers", "Product News Subscribers"; each list might contain one or more groups).

Sample GetNlListsUser response

<List idList="1" listGUID="F9168C5E-CEB2-4FAA-B6BF-329BF39FA1E4">
<Group idGroup="1" groupName="First Group" />
<Group idGroup="2" groupName="Second Group" />

Error codes

Error codeDescription
0request execution succeeded
-200 unrecognized error

Ruby Example

# Refer to for gem information.
require 'mailup'
m ='username', 'password', 'console_url')
m.get_nl_lists_user(:userId => 123456)
# => <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\" ?><mailupMessage><mailupBody><ReturnCode>0</ReturnCode><Lists>...</Lists></mailupBody></mailupMessage>