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Feature available on-demand, get in contact with your sales representative to know more.

TheĀ Personalization engineEngine is a feature that allows empowering emails by injecting in real-time external and personalized content, using Liquid markup language.

Thanks to theĀ Personalization engine, you are able tocan:

  • simplify message building when the content is mostly available outside MailUp (i.e. external website or a blog);
  • retrieve content in real-time, just before sending;
  • personalize the content of your email, split into segments or recipientrecipients;
  • have access to unlimited fields;
  • reduce time spent and errors due to content duplication.


Here's how to reference your service in MailUp:

  • Endpoint name*: name Name of the service that, when called, will return a dataset containing user-specific information


  • Authorization: enabling the authorization in the endpoint requires a username and password
  • Custom HTTP headers: here you can add additional info, retrieving them directly from your server


Once the message is finalized, you have to associate the endpoint created during step 2 on the MailUp platform.

In the message Overview page, select "Advanced settings" > "Enable advanced personalization" and then add one or more Endpoints.



The Personalization engine can be used in various scenarios. Here are the most common:

  • Recommended products

E.g. A Real Estate agency may need to send weekly emails to its clients containing all new ads in the area of each client.

  • Abandoned Cart

E.g. An eCommerce can set a follow-up communication the day after not having completed the order, containing all or some articles in the cart.

  • Real-time segmentation

For E.g. A company operating in the mass market retailers sector using Advanced Personalization can send coupons localized by geographic area.