Advanced settingThe Settings section in your platform gives you the tools to customize it according to your needs.

It is divided into two sections.

List settings

This section deals with List-specific settings, i.e. settings that are only valid for the List you are in. As defined in the Glossary, a List in MailUp is an independent set of messages, settings, statistics, filters, events, groups, subscribers, unsubscribers, etc. You can create multiple Lists in your platform.

List in MailUp is not to be confused with a Group, which is a subset of a List.

Account settings

The Account settings section allows you configure every feature of your platform which is not list-specific, but related to the platform as a whole, or that helps you manage more easily your every-day work inside your account.

Advanced setting

The Advanced setting section allows you configure the adjustments related to Users and Account Security.