Privy is a set of tools that enables MailUp customers to grow their email lists and incentivize conversions. Free users can use the product to capture leads on their website and display mobile-friendly landing pages. Paid users can track e-commerce or in-store sales derived from every campaign.


Create signup widgets, exit-intent popups and landing pages inside your website and automatically sync collected emails with your MailUp lists. No coding is required, you just need to add a widget code to your website and then you will control campaigns and results in your Privy dashboard.

How it works

  1. Visit and register for a free Privy account

  2. Connect Privy to your website by installing Privy's widget code on your website, available in the "Widget Code" section of your Privy's dashboard. There are also a number of guides for installing Privy on popular publishing and e-commerce platforms.

  3. Go to the "Settings" page, then click on "Linked accounts". In the available integrations, click on MailUp and connect your MailUp account using your credentials.

  4. Create a campaign. Pick the type of campaign based on your target (signup collection, online or in-store offer, ...)

  5. Choose widget type (popup, banner, bar, embedded form, ...)

  6. In the form fields step, choose "Email only"

  7. Define campaign and after-signup text

  8. In the "Email sync" step, choose your MailUp account

  9. After clicking on "Done", you will be able to customize your widget's look & feel and behavior with Privy's editor.

  10. You can also use the website widget as a landing page


Privy has a free plan for basic needs and paid plans for more sophisticated users. View all plans and features on Privy website