SMTP relay service

Using MailUp as a SMTP relay service for transactional emails

You can use MailUp not only to run great email campaigns, but also to send transactional emails in a high-deliverability, high-capacity environment.

You can send transactional emails in two ways:

Both SMTP+ and the transactional email APIs are included at no additional cost with every MailUp account, leveraging MailUp's innovative pricing model.

This means that MailUp users can...

  • Send transactional email messages with high deliverability from a Web app or ecommerce store
  • Track opens and clicks on those messages
  • Manage bounces and feedback loops automatically
  • Add this new sending channel at no additional cost!

Getting set up in just a few clicks

Configuring your MailUp account for use as an SMTP relay service only takes a few clicks.

  • Create a new list
  • Navigate to Settings > List settings > SMTP+
  • Add a SMTP relay user
  • Use those credentials in your application or Web site

Learn more about using MailUp as your high deliverability SMTP server.