HTTP Get or Post API

MailUp provides all the tools you need to let a visitor to your Web site or blog subscribe to a specific list using a subscription form. Such forms can be hosted by MailUp or placed directly on your Web pages:

See the following articles for technical details on how to perform GET/POST request to the MailUp API that allow you to subscribe, update, and unsubscribe recipients.

Integrating an existing form with MailUp

A subscription form on your website can transfer the inserted data to your MailUp account through simple calls to aspx pages. These are aspx pages that allow you to insert, modify, search, and remove contacts in your MailUp distribution list. You can:

  • Subscribe a recipient to different lists and groups, using the “Codes table” as a reference (path: Settings > Codes table)
  • Unsubscribe a recipient from a list;
  • Check subscription status;
  • Update a recipient's profile.