Release notes: SMTP Plus v2

About SMTP+ v2

Over the last several months we've worked hard on a new version of our SMTP relay service that would provide better performance, higher scalability, and enhanced functionality.

Version 2 of SMTP+ accomplishes all three of these goals, and becomes available to all MailUp users in June of 2015.

What's new in SMTP+ v2

Here is a short list of what's new.

Faster mailing speedThanks to a completely rethought mailing engine, messages are sent within a few seconds (compatibly with your subscribed sending speed).
MailUp merge tags supportIf the message contains merge tags (also called Dynamic fields), they are replaced with the corresponding values that exist in the MailUp account's recipient data.
Custom merge tags supportYou can include value pairs in the header of the message, and have those values replace the corresponding merge tags in the body of the message at send time.
Message schedulingIn the header of the message, you can now include a parameter that will tell the system to park the message and send it at a later time.
Message header pass-throughIf there are special headers in the message, you can contact us and ask that they are preserved (we ask you to contact us so that we can confirm that there will be no conflicts).
Better queue status reportQuickly see how many messages have been sent, how many are queued up, and how long it will take to send them.
Message-level configurations

You can now configure directly in the header of the message (and therefore at the message level) parameters such as whether a header and/or a footer should be included.

In SMTP+ v1, these parameters could only be configured at the overall List level.

Reports based on custom parameterYou can now aggregate messages based on a custom ID (e.g. a customer ID that exists in your system, not in MailUp) and therefore generate more meaningful reports.

Technical details and code samples

See Using SMTP relay from your application for technical details on how to take advantage of the new features in SMTP+ v2.