Always test before sending

Before sending any message it is highly recommended you do a test by mailing the message to the TEST group. Your TEST group should include any email addresses of people that can receive and review the message. Testing lets you simulate what your customers will receive when you finally send the message.

  1. You can manually add subscribers to your MailUp list to quickly add new email addresses to a test group.
  2. Any and all times you edit the message after your first test send, be sure to resend it to the TEST group to make sure the edited version has been approved. 
  3. Don't worry about "clicks" and "opens" that occur while you are testing the message. You can clear the message statistics that have been collected while testing before actually sending your newsletter. To do so, check the Delete Test Statistics option before sending the message.
  4. Use the Email Check-Up feature which walks you through a checklist before sending out your emails. It also does SPAM and compatibility checks!
  5. Don't forget to A/B Test!