This page requires the option Enable public import report to be ticked. Please ask your service manager to activate the option for your console account.


The Import_Report.aspx frontend page will display the statistics related to the completed import processes per List.

This functionality is useful especially when the import file is remitted from a third party automated process.

A sample of the page layout as it appears when properly configured is shown below : 


When landing to this page it will be possible for the user to :

1) select the amount of rows the data grid will display per page ( default is 5 )

2) browse the paginated grid according to the defined value at the point 1

Report columns description 

ColumnLabel in englishDescription
Import IdIdThe unique identifier for the specific process
Message IdMsg IdMessage Id bound to current import process ( if applicable )
Send IdSend IdSend Id bound to current import process ( if applicable )
Imported File NameFileThe name of the submitted import file
List IdListThe target list the process imported the recipients for
Start dateStartThe datetime the import process has begun
End dateEndThe datetime the import process has ended
Processed rowsRowsThe overall count of rows the process has treated
Valid rowsValidThe amount of valid rows the process was able to read
Duplicated email messagesDuplicatedThe email recipients found as duplicated
Valid email messagesValid EmailThe amount of unique email addresses imported
Non valid email messagesInvalid EmailThe amount of invalid email addresses the process couldn't import to the desired list

Normally when sending campaigns out from Mailup account, there's no relationship between an import process and the subsequent dispatch it may take place.

Fields Message Id and Send Id, will be valued only when using MailUpSend.SendMessageNL to import and send out messages in one single process.

For more information about MailUpSend.SendMessageNL web method, please read here

Accepted Arguments

Field nametypedescription
IdListintthe unique identity for the list the report will display data for
ListGuidstringthe unique string identifier for the list being taken into cosideration by the report


Callback pattern

The frontend page is placed for every console, regardless of the service activation status, in the frontend root as follows :


when accessed with the proper query string arguments, it will look like



The ListGuid information can be easily retrieved from the Mailup console interface : Click on Settings from your left panel menu --> Account settings --> Developer's corner --> Codes table. There, it will be listed all the GuidList information for each List

It can be either retrieved via REST or SOAP API, for more information please take a look at these sections : REST or SOAP

Working sample



Below a simple chart displaying the possible issues occurring when trying to run this page, along with a suggested resolution for the specific issue


Error MessagePossible causesResolution
One or more arguments were not passed inone of the two expected arguments was not passed or passed with the wrong letteringCheck the lettering of the two parameters the page actually expects as mandatory ( correct naming is displayed in the Accepted Arguments section above )
Guid and ListId mismatchThe inbound parameters were passed to the page with the correct lettering, however the ListGuid and the List Id values do not match.Please check the ListGuid value actually relates to the ListId you've requested the page for
An expected error occurred whilst validating argumentsThe arguments were passed with the right naming, but one of them may have been passed as an empty valuePlease check your query string callback includes all the mandatory parameters as the page expects