MailUpService 1.0 (MailUp Filters)








CategoryDescriptionAvailable methods
AuthenticationLogin and logout methods.
Login returns an access key that can be used as parameter when calling other methods
FiltersCreate and delete MailUp filters.
TestThis group includes methods that can be used to test the service
  • Ping


Using SOAP

As specified in WSDL, SOAP methods receives a specific "request" object as input parameter and return a specific "response" object. Please refer to the description of each method for more details.

Error Handling

In case of error a standard SOAP Fault object is returned (more on this)

Using REST

REST is supported only when XML parameters are passed with http POST method (Ping method is the only exception, which can be called using http GET
Required parameter format is the same as what is specified for SOAP requests (see example below).

  1. Available REST methods cannot be called using HTTP GET ("Ping" test method is the only exception, which can be called using http GET
  2. JSON is not supported

Any client implementation that performs authentication to MailUp API using REST from a client-side script (e.g. by calling AuthenticationLogin from a Javascript page) may expose your credentials to hacking.
MailUp is not responsible of data leaks due to external client applications that do not apply suitable security policies.



Please refer to REST configuration page to get some tips about enabling REST


Call passing the following XML as parameter in HTTP POST:

AuthenticationLogin with REST (Request)

A successful response has this format:

AuthenticationLogin using REST (Response)
<LoginResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

while "HTTP 400 Bad Request" is returned in case of unsuccessful response


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