This method returns the following information (see the sample response code below):

  1. Lists
    For each list, it includes:
    1. List ID
    2. List GUID
    3. List Name
  2. Groups
    For each list, it returns all groups within the list, if any:
    1. Group ID
    2. Group Name



Characters & and " are not escaped in returned response, so please avoid these characters in names of lists and groups otherwise you will experience some problems due to an invalid returned XML


Sample GetNlLists request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ws="">

Sample GetNlLists response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
			<List idList="1" listGUID="66af9900-7dd7-4cca-9125-beadaf345659" listName="News">
					<Group idGroup="3" groupName="MY FIRST IMPORT" />
					<Group idGroup="6" groupName="TEST" />
					<Group idGroup="8" groupName="AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED ADDRESSES" />
					<Group idGroup="9" groupName="Change your email" />
					<Group idGroup="10" groupName="Receive our SMS" />
					<Group idGroup="11" groupName="Update your personal data" />
					<Group idGroup="12" groupName="Subscribed using a social networks account" />
					<Group idGroup="22" groupName="Preferred Customers" />
					<Group idGroup="23" groupName="Resellers" />
			<List idList="2" listGUID="0e591119-cd77-4157-9379-6ac75335664" listName="SMS">
					<Group idGroup="13" groupName="TEST" />
					<Group idGroup="14" groupName="Subscribed using social login" />
					<Group idGroup="15" groupName="UPDATED VIA AUTOPROFILE FEATURE" />
					<Group idGroup="19" groupName="March Promotion" />
					<Group idGroup="20" groupName="April Promotion" />
					<Group idGroup="21" groupName="May Promotion" />
			<List idList="4" listGUID="2c8d028c-e614-4ab2-81fc-0ef13b34560a" listName="test">

Error codes

Error codeDescription
0request execution succeeded
-200unrecognized error

Ruby Example

# Refer to for gem information.
require 'mailup'
m ='username', 'password', 'console_url')
# => <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\" ?><mailupMessage><mailupBody><ReturnCode>0</ReturnCode><Lists>...</Lists></mailupBody></mailupMessage>