Method parameters:

CreateGroup(int idList, int listGUID, string newGroupName)

Creates a new group for the specified list.

  • idList: list identifier
  • listGuid: GUID of the list
  • newGroupName: name of the group to be created


The returned value is the ID of the created group.

If a group with the same name already exists in the list, then no new group is created and the ID of the existing group is returned.

Maximum allowed lenght for Group names is 50 characters, if you specify more than 50 characters the actual Group name will be truncated by MailUp

Sample CreateGroup response


Error codes 

Error codeDescription
-300unrecognized error
-301the list has not been specified
-302the group name has not been specified
-303the group already exists

Ruby Example

# Refer to for gem information.
require 'mailup'
m ='username', 'password', 'console_url')
m.create_group(:idList => 123456, :listGuid => 'abc123', :newGroupName => 'Sample Group')
# => <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\" ?><mailupMessage><mailupBody><ReturnCode>12</ReturnCode></mailupBody></mailupMessage>