In this section, you will find all the tools to create workflows and tasks based on when a certain event occurs (a recipient's subscription, a birthday, a condition on a subscriber field, subscriber's activities etc.)


With workflows, you can create an automatic email series triggered by a predefined start condition in just a few minutes. Build a workflow by adding email messages and waiting states based on different conditions. You can choose between pre-configured workflows, as suggested by email marketing best practices, or custom workflows, triggered by one of many available start conditions.


Tasks can be used to create triggered messages (both email and SMS) or automatically segment recipients when certain conditions occur, specifying when those conditions need to be checked.


This section allows to:

  • Retrieve content from external RSS /ATOM sources,

  • create recurring automated campaigns, based on the update of an external content source,

  • set dynamic contents that can be added to messages, triggered by filters.