Tasks are a powerful feature that takes your email and texting marketing business to an advanced level.

You can set the rules with extreme precision, choosing the days and recurrences you prefer, with non-disturbance bands and support for different time zones. In addition, you can choose the activation frequency (with a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 12 hours).

You can use Tasks to achieve three actions:
  • To send an email;
  • To send a SMS;
  • To segment your customers by assigning them to a group or moving them from one group to another.

Practical examples of use

You can create messages that are automatically sent when certain conditions occur and specify when these conditions should be checked.

For instance:

  • You can check once a week if a user has not opened an email message for three months and send him a re-engagement message;
  • You can set up automatic sending of emails or SMS upon the occurrence of conditions such as registration, purchase, variation of a value in the registry;
  • You can send an email indicating the publication of a new post on your blog;

Workflow e Task: come usarli entrambi

Note: if you create a Task with the same starting conditions as the first message of a workflow, the workflow may never start. To avoid this situation, you need to create either a workflow or a task to send a message when a certain condition occurs, not both. Of course, you can use Workflows and Tasks at the same time when they serve different purposes, but not when the purpose is the same.

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