Database building

The Database building section brings together all the pages and tools in a single point of the platform to increase, update or manage your database through subscription and profile update forms, unsubscriptions, and landing pages.


With MailUp you can quickly and easily create a flexible subscription form to increase your database.

The platform provides several ways to increase the number of subscribers in your database or to update it:

  • Subscription forms
    • Drag & Drop editor: allows you to easily create a form, thanks to the extremely intuitive drag & drop interface
    • HTML editor: allows you to insert your HTML or Javascript code to have a completely customized form.
  • Pop-up subscription form. The module is preconfigured and, after selecting some choices - such as color, position, language and channels to be connected - it automatically generates the html code to be inserted on its website. It also allows you to collect subscribers for the email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Telegram channels.
  • Profile update forms: they allow to expand recipients' information so that you can better intercept the desired target, organize recipients in groups according to their preferences and finally, to carry out short surveys.

To create a new form, simply select one of the entries in the list.

Welcome messages

After having acquired a new customer it is important to welcome him properly.

In this section you can enable/disable some automatic messages that the platform can send:

  • Confirmation email (by default active): a message sent to new subscribers to confirm their willingness to subscribe.
  • Welcome email: send an email to each recipient who confirms their subscription.
  • Welcome SMS: send a text message to each recipient confirming their subscription.
  • Welcome series (Workflow): build and send a series of automatic messages to welcome your subscribers or send different welcome emails or SMS, according to the preferences expressed by the recipients during the subscription.


You can choose among several methods of unsubscription - let's see them in detail:

  • One-click unsubscribe: Recipients wishing to unsubscribe will be unsubscribed immediately when they click on the unsubscribe link in your messages.
  • Confirmed unsubscribe: Recipients wishing to unsubscribe will be presented with a page where they can confirm their preference. This not only allows you to confirm that they didn't click on a wrong link in the message but also to show them some custom text.
  • Confirmed unsubscribe with list preferences: Recipients will be presented with a page where they will view all the lists they are currently subscribed to, with the chance to choose to unsubscribe from just some of them.
  • Confirmed unsubscribe with options: Recipients wishing to unsubscribe will be presented with a page where they can change their preferences, rather than unsubscribe. For example, they may choose to receive those messages, but with a personal vs. a work email address, or indicate that they wish to receive fewer messages.

Preference center

The Preference center is a single destination for your recipients to update their preferences and check their privacy settings.

Select which lists to show, which fields can be updated, etc.: recipients will be able to update their subscriptions, change their profile, change frequency settings, and more.

You can insert the link in all your messages and let recipients discover all the ways they can keep in touch with you, encouraging them to update their profile so that you may send them more targeted messages.

In your platform, under Database building > Preference Center, you can choose which sections to show to your contacts:

  • subscription to your lists and unsubscription

  • mailing frequency 

  • personal profile

  • tracking management

  • social profile

  • export data saved in MailUp platform (recipient fields)

Landing pages

MailUp offers a tool to create and manage landing pages, which can be inserted in your emails as special links.


  • Fully responsive landing pages editable with the drag-n-drop editor, without any HTML knowledge
  • Pages are hosted by MailUp and accelerated via the content delivery network used by the platform.
  • Easily add Web analytics tracking code (e.g. Google Analytics) to track landing page usage.