Integrating with other applications

You can enrich your experience using MailUp by integrating it with other applications. For example, you can have information flow in from an ecommerce store, or leverage MailUp from a CRM system.

There are...

  • Ready-to-go integrations with a variety of applications
  • APIs that you can leverage to create your own integration with MailUp (or hire a developer to do so)

Developer? Create, test, and publish your integrations

Leverage MailUp from another application (or build a custom solution for a client)!

  • Set up a free trial (then contact us, and we'll remove the 30-day expiration, so you have all the time you need to develop and test)
  • Familiarize with the MailUp API, including the new REST API, with OAuth2 authentication
  • Test and publish your new integration!