CSV File Format

The CSV file must contain a header row that maps the values contained in that column to a corresponding field in the MailUp system. In MailUp there are:

  1. Some special fields that are reserved for e-mail, mobile phone number, and mobile phone number + country code.
  2. Customizable personal data fields. Personal data fields (e.g. first name, last name, etc.) have a numeric ID that goes from 1 to 39 (it could be less than 39 for some subscription plans, please ask if you need an uprgade to 39).

Special Fields

MailUp contains the following special fields, which cannot be modified.

Field NameField ID
E-mail address111
Mobile phone number's country code222
Mobile phone number333
Complete mobile phone number (country code + number)444


A file to be imported shall contain a header row and one record for each recipient to be imported. The '|' (pipe) symbol is used as a separator and each row must contain exactly the same number of columns.

Basically, as soon as you respect the rules above, you are free to choose the type, order and number of columns you prefer. In this paragraph you can have a look at some examples, 

Subscription on Email channel

Let's say that your CSV file contains these columns:

Field Name

Column position

Field ID*Example
First Name11Peter
Last name22Smith
Date of Birth3101978-03-16
E-mail address7111psmith02@example.com

*MailUp personal field ID or special field ID (refer to previous table for special fields)

This is an example of the file content

Use 111 in the header row for the email address. For the other columns use the ID of the corresponding field in MailUp.


Subscription on SMS channel

For international prefix and mobile number you can either use two separate fields or a single field

Two separate fields (use 222 and 333 in the header row). If you leave the int. prefix empty, the default list settings will be used
One single field for mobile number (use field ID 444 in the header row)

Subscription on both Email and SMS channels

Mixing the scenarios described above, here is an example with both email and SMS

One single field for mobile number (use field ID 444 in the header row)