SMS Credits & SMS Price

Credits are required for sending SMS campaigns. The consumption of credits varies based on the recipient's country of origin and the length of the message. There is therefore no correspondence of 1 credit consumed for each recipient reached, in fact to send to 10 recipients it may take more than 10 credits.

The number of available credits (the total remaining purchased credits minus those used for a scheduled shipment, if any) is visible in the lower left part of the platform. By clicking on it, you can access the related menu, divided into two parts.


In this section of the reserved area you can purchase a package of credits and see how many SMS you can send with each package, based on the destination country.


In this section, you can choose whether to allow all your lists to freely access your credit package, or you can set a spending limit for each list.

Credit usage report

In this section it is possible to see a temporal report of the credits spent, divided by list. By accessing the details of a list, it is possible to see the messages for which credits have been sent. All information can be exported in Excel format.

Expiring credits

What happens if you don't use expiring credits?

On the expiration day, the expired SMS credits will be deducted from the total credits that are not assigned to specific lists. If these credits are insufficient or equal to 0, the expired credits will be proportionally deducted from those assigned to different lists.

To check the total of unassigned credits, please refer to the Credits > Assign Credits page on your platform (accessible by clicking "SMS Credits" in the bottom-left menu).

The expiration day always refers to the Italian time zone.

How to use expiring credits?

Plan your SMS campaign now to ensure the utilization of expiring credits. Please note that you need to use non-expiring SMS credits first.

Example: If you have 50 expiring SMS credits and 20 non-expiring credits, you must first use the 20 non-expiring credits to consume the 50 expiring credits.

Credits are not transferable to third parties, nor refundable or transferable to different platforms.