Platform License Agreement (PLA)

MailUp platform allows accessing, directly into the platform, to the latest version of the License agreement for the use of the MailUp Platform (PLA) signed.

To access to your License agreement for the use of the MailUp Platform (PLA), click on "License agreement" placed at the end of the Dashboard page, as highlighted in the image below:


If you are unable to find the dashboard, click on MailUp logo, on the top-left.

License agreement page contains:

  • Latest PLA signed,

  • License agreement version number,

  • Date of acceptance,

  • The user that has accepted,

  • IP that has accepted.

This section available only for those who signed the License agreement online.

Please note that, if you are unable to access to your License agreement, this may mean that you have signed an offline agreement. Get in contact with the Order Management department, using the following email address