Aggregate Reports


Aggregated reports represent an easy way to combine and compare statistics related to different messages within a single report. For example, you can combine statistics for newsletters sent in the last quarter into an aggregate report and share it externally through a simple link.

Things to remember about Aggregate Reports

  • The statistics shown in the aggregated reports are not updated in real time, but either once a day or by accessing the report itself, forcing the update with the data updated until the previous day.
  • After you have created an aggregated report, it remains empty until the statistics are processed.
  • If you create a report that includes a message sent on the same day, the report will not be ready until the following day.
  • You can share a report with whoever you want, through a simple link, deciding whether to protect it with a password.
  • You can customize each report by deciding which information to include (aggregated statistical data, messages statistics, links statistics).