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This page can be used to change some personal settings concerning your account:

Account details:

The only field that cannot be changed here is the username, which is assigned by the system. 

The parameters:

  • the email address associated with that username;
  • password
  • notes

can be edited here, and saved using the "Save" button. The field "notes" is for internal use, and nothing you write here will be viewed by recipients.

Notification contacts:

The contact person(s) listed here will be taken as a reference for the areas indicated (e.g. administrative, technical), so make sure that contact details are always up to date. Use the "Actions" button to remove a contact person or to update his contact information. When clicking Actions > Edit contact, you also have the chance to add this person to the test group to receive test mailings.

the email address of the "Abuse & Privacy" contact person will be shown to complainers