Admin contacts

Update your contact person(s) listed by adding all the members of your team to stay up to date on everything related to your platform.

To update your contacts you can select the drop-down menu next to your platform id and then select "My contacts", as shown in the image below:

Or you can select in your platform SettingsAccount settings and then Admin contacts.


He/She receives notifications about terms and conditions updates and platform administration.

Campaign manager

He/She receives messages about new features or services, usage recommendations, training opportunities (such as webinars and workshops) and events.


He/She receives notifications about technical updates, such as maintenance activities.


He/She receives updates regarding possible data breaches and can be communicated to third parties in case of privacy and spam-related issues.

The email address of the "Abuse & Privacy" contact person will be shown to people that file a SPAM complaint to the MailUp Abuse Desk.