Tracking domain

From this section, you can customize the URLs of your messages to make them more recognizable to your recipients.

In choosing the tracking domain, we suggest that you use a clear reference to your brand that can be easily recognized and avoid generic words (e.g. news, newsletters, emails) or that refer to massive campaign tracking services (dem, tracking, track) to guarantee maximum reliability.

The tracking domain customization feature affects:

Link tracking address

By "tracking" we refer to the domain used to track clicks on links inserted in your messages. This address is shown to your recipients in the links of the message (by stopping the mouse on the link).

Address for uploading images

By "upload" we refer to the domain used for the images uploaded in the editors present in MailUp and inserted in your emails. This address is shown to your recipients if they right-click on the image and open it in a new browser tab.

Limitations and useful information

Tracking domain customization is available for free only once and only if the subscribed plan allows it

This change is applied to all lists.

Changing the tracking domain will only be possible if the new domain selected:

  • is not in use or has already been used in the past
  • does not contain special characters (only numbers and letters)

If you want to change the tracking domain again, Contact our customer service