Codes Table

The Codes Table - found under Settings > Advanced Settings > Developer's Corner - contains the IDs of Lists, Groups, and Recipient Fields that you will need when retrieving or updating information in MailUp via forms and/or the MailUp API.


Provides the following details about Lists that have been created in your MailUp account:

  • List code
  • List name
  • List Guid


Provides the following information about Groups that have been set up in your account:

  • List code
  • Group code
  • Group name

Data fields list

Provides information about the custom recipient fields set up in your account:

  • Field code
  • Field name

Examples of situations in which you will need to consult this page are:

  • Integration between MailUp and WordPress (for more information see this page and this page),
  • Insert a custom subscription form on your website (for more information see this page).